Today me and my home girl Adrianna requested the day off and went on one of our most popular tours we offer — The Rainforest and Crab combo 

We were stickered and loaded on the bus and then headed down to the south end of the island where we were unloaded at the Canopy. We had a tour through the rain forest. Got to see a fish hatchery. Reindeer. Rescued Eagles. We ended with a walk through a old Spruce Mill (which of course was my favorite #lumberjacks)   

From there we load back up on the bus and we were taking out to George Inlet Lodge where we got all you can eat Crab. It was amazing. Andrianna and I sat acrossed from a Grandpa and his sweet grand daughter. It was just the two of them. He brought her cuz she was his favorite Grand Daughter, the other ones were just too spoiled. 

No wonder people dont stop raving about this tour, cuz this amazing. 

Adrianna Is my favorite person on the Island. She is one of the sassiest girls around and has the most colorful mouth and gets me laughing so hard.

Probably one of the best days off. 

Feeling Crabby. Ready for a nap.