Well I finally made it and my summer is officially over. 

I havent done my final post cuz ive been so busy/been so lazy these past couple of days. 

Im not sure how im really feel about it all, but its nice to be home. I can’t put into words how much I loved this summer in Alaska. I got to learn so much, lived in one of the prettiest places, and got to do some much amazing stuff. I learned so much from the people that I worked with and got to know over the past six months about my self and how to live life. Sounds super cheesy but its true.

I love being out on my own and I love being around people. I love trying new things and working hard. And I love seeing the world. Im a born traveler and being home is sad, but im excited for my next adventures. Excited for next year when I can go back to ketchikan and have some experience under my belt.

Im going to miss living in Alaska.

Seattle, Washing.